ECBC activities span the life-cycle of chemical and biological defense research and product development. From technology exploration to testing, our staff develops and matures products and applications. We maintain more than 25 of the most advanced chemical and biological research facilities in the world, as well as unique computer-aided design, engineering, prototyping and small-scale production resources. We employ over 1,000 professionals in chemistry, biotechnology, life sciences, engineering, risk management and related fields. Dedicated to fostering the transfer of technologies to support critical national interests, we actively seek opportunities to apply warfighter innovations to the war on terrorism and homeland defense.


Photo: Lab TechnicianAt ECBC, we provide full service support to address chemical/biological defense and homeland security challenges. Our offerings span the life-cycle of product development, meaning we deliver concept-to-completion products that are safe, reliable and driven by performance, schedule and our commitment to providing quality service and a valuable end-product.

Uniquely organized, we maintain all the necessary in-house expertise, equipment and facilities to develop and mature break-through technologies. We house over 860,000 square feet of laboratory space and employ over 1,000 professionals in chemistry, biotechnology, life sciences, engineering, risk management and related fields.

Recent Awards

In March, 2003, the Federal Laboratory Consortium honored ECBC Technical Director Jim Zarzycki with the Laboratory Director of the Year award for 2002. Zarzycki also was recently bestowed the prestigious Presidential Rank Award for 2002, conferred by President George W. Bush. Six ECBC staff recently won awards from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for exemplary work in furthering technology transfer. Specific projects included the design, development, training, fielding and continued consultation for Mobile Laboratories and antibody engineering for expression in insect cells and larvae work.
















Homeland Defense

Homeland Defense


ECBC Overview Video

ECBC Overview Video


Developments in Raman Spectroscopy
ECBC Successfully tests Raman Spectroscopy technology to detect chemical agents.


ABATS screens more biological samples at ruduced cost and human risk.
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The next generation-self contained biological sampling kits.
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To locate an employee of ECBC or to obtain contact information for people who work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, please call 410-278-5201. An operator is available 24 hours per day.

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